Sell physical or digital products, take deposits or donations

Trolley is the simplest way to take payments online.

Straight HTML integration (paste a generated button snippet into any site)

Works with Stripe
Works with static sites Works with WordPress Works with Gatsby Works with Netlify Works with Forestry

Works with any website

Stripe is awesome, but you need a developer and a server.
Trolley takes that away and lets you use Stripe with any website, including static sites.

Trolley gives you a secure payment processing back end, handling all the integration with Stripe for you. It takes 2 minutes - you can even create your Stripe account during setup.

You keep full power over your Stripe account, too.

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Designed with static site generators in mind

Trolley is designed to work with any website; from the most basic HTML pages and themes, to CMS like WordPress or new platforms like Netlify, Gatsby or Contentful.

It's just HTML.

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Predictable costs.

No setup costs. No surprises.


per transaction

+ your Stripe fees
  • Free until you start charging
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel any time, no penalties
  • Revenue / commission share for agencies

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Revenue share for designers and agencies

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