Start selling now.

Trolley is the simplest way to take payments with Stripe.

Start selling downloads, products, pre-orders or accepting deposits in minutes.

Trolley's not just a pretty widget - we give you a true Stripe backend-as-a-service.

Digital downloads

Put a simple product widget on your site.

Take money from customers immediately.

We'll handle the file handling & delivery


Take payment and capture order details.

We'll collect the customers' shipping details.

You just deal with the products!

One-off payments

Perfect for donations or reservation fees.

Simple single-use payment buttons.

Just paste it into any website.


Test your ideas in minutes, not weeks.

Accept payment to validate your products.


Trolley costs you nothing until you make a sale.

Our simple pricing minimises your fixed costs.

Agencies and designers

Deliver client projects using your favourite tool.

Trolley works with your existing tools.

Works with Stripe
Works with static sites Works with WordPress Works with Gatsby Works with Netlify Works with Forestry

Works with any website

Stripe is awesome, but you need a developer and a server.
Trolley takes that away and lets you use Stripe with any website, including static sites.

Trolley gives you a secure payment processing back end, handling all the integration with Stripe for you. It takes 2 minutes - you can even create your Stripe account during setup.

You keep full power over your Stripe account, too.

Get Trolley

No credit card required

How does it work?

Trolley handles everything for you.

We give you a simple button that you paste into any website

No server-side code. No hassle.

It's like the world's simplest e-commerce solution.

1. Sign up

Create a free Trolley account

Link it to Stripe (with two clicks)


It only takes 30 seconds to sign up.

2. Create a product

Enter the name, price and description

Add as many products as you like for free.


We'll create you a snippet of HTML.

3. Paste into your website.

Paste the snippet of HTML into your site.

(Trolley works with any website.)


That's it! Your customers can pay you now.

No servers, just your website

Trolley is designed to work with any website; from the most basic HTML pages and themes, to CMS like WordPress or new platforms like Netlify, Gatsby or Contentful.

It's just HTML.

Get Trolley

No credit card required

How much?

Super-predictable costs for startups and small businesses.

No setup costs. No surprises.


per transaction

+ your Stripe fees
  • Free until you start charging
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel any time, no penalties

Want to talk about flat rates, volume discounts, or reduced prices for charities & non-profits?
Email us.


We love questions, feedback and suggestion.

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