Card Payments are a problem for the UK travel industry

Card processors holding back funds, high chargeback risks and slow payments means card payments put travel businesses at risk.

Trolley has a better solution for the travel industry

No chargebacks

The banks guarantee fund transfer and liability sits with the consumer & bank


No chargebacks, at all.

Fast settlement

Funds are transferred to your account in seconds.

No waiting days for settlement..


Great for cashflow.

Low rates

We're cutting out the middleman.

No processor, just the banks.


Rates much lower than cards.


Banks secure all processing of money. Trolley sends payment data direct to their systems.


More secure than cards.

Bank-to-bank payments

Our bank to bank payment gateway gives instant access to every major bank in the UK, meaning you can start taking payments digitally for your business in minutes

Low risk, low fees, fast payments online, by phone or email for your business.

Supporting major independent UK Travel Businesses like yours


Your customers can make instant payments online or whilst speaking to your agents - funds arrive immediately securing the booking, giving peace of mind to you and your Customer.

Fully GDPR and PCI compliant, all payment information is encrypted by us - reducing fraud and processing risk for your teams.

Trolley is the only no code, low risk payment solution for the travel industry - trusted by customers, secured by their bank and completely card-less.

Available for any UK bank account.

How does it work?

1. Sign up

Create a free Trolley account

Link it to your existing bank account so payments can flow directly to you.


It only takes 30 seconds to sign up.

2. Create online products

Add trip details and prices.

We’ll create HTML snippets to copy and paste onto your website


Start taking online bookings now.

3. Create payment links

Send secure payment links as soon as your customer books. Get paid faster.


Immediate payment to your account and no chargebacks


We’ll beat your existing card payment provider on speed and fees ... and we'll never withhold funds from your business.

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