Getting started

Learn how to get set up with Trolley in less than 5 minutes and take your first payment through your website.
Learn how to use simple Payment Links to accept money from customers over email

Payment methods

What are Bank-to-bank payments and how are they different from Credit Cards?
How do Credit Card payments work with Trolley?

Different types of payments

Learn how to set up a product (and capture shipping and address details)
It doesn't have to be hard to sell online, or in person. In this quick tutorial, learn how to get set up with Trolley in less than 5 minutes and take your first payment.
Trolley lets you upload files, which customers can purchase online and download once their payment has completed.
Learn how to accept single, one-time variable payments (e.g. donations)
The "Direct" product type allows you to create payment buttons that accept a fixed, set amount as a direct payment.

Using the dashboard

A quick guide to using the Trolley dashboard's Customer view.
Learn how to use the Trolley dashboard to see who's paid you recently.
Use the Trolley dashboard to quickly gain a view of the Subscribers to your products.


Learn how to use post-purchase webhooks to trigger events on other applications
Push your customer to a page of your choice after their payment completes
Advanced options for integration configuraiton.
Learn how to send customers to a fully-featured, hosted payment page - take payment without even needing a website.
Learn how to install the popup payment widget simply by copy-pasting some JavaScript.


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