Quick Start Tutorial

Learn how to get set up with Trolley in less than 5 minutes and take your first payment.

Sign up

Sign up for Trolley

Go to https://trolley.link and sign up for an account: it's free.

Follow the prompts to link it to a new or existing Stripe account for processing actual credit card payments into your bank account (the form takes about 2 minutes to fill in if you have your details handy)

Create a product

Adding a product Once you've created your Trolley account, you can create your first product. Click on Products, then New Product.

Fill in the basic product details - price, currency, description and so on. Scroll own a bit and click Save.

As soon as you've pressed Save Trolley generates the unique payment link for your products. It looks like this:


Copy that, and you can send it via email, WhatsApp, Tweet it, pop it in your Instagram bio - whatever you like. If someone clicks it they'll be taken straight to the hosted payment page associated with your products. If they pay you, you'll receive an email.

The hosted payment page looks like this:

Hosted payment page

Put the product on your website

Once you've saved your product you'll see that Trolley asks you to grab a chunk of HTML and paste it into your website.

Select the code (the words in the dark greybox, above…) and copy it - either using your keyboard, or by clicking the little Copy icon.

Now flip over to your text editor, open up the source, and paste the code from Trolley somewhere into your design, like so:

<button data-trolley="true" data-tpk="UNIQUE_RANDOM_STRING">

<!-- You only need this once per page (but it won't do any harm) -->
 <script async src="https://widget.trolley.link/cart.js"

Refresh your website in the browser and you should see a Pay button.

Click it, and a Trolley pop-up widget should appear, just like this:

Popup cart

Deploy your edited website and that's it - you're live!


We love questions, feedback and suggestion.

You can email us at rg@trolley.link

Or tweet us at @trolleypayments

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