Trolley has a number of additional customisation options that can be useful during setup and integration.

These options are applied in HTML on the link that you paste into your website, as follows (this example shows the Preset Email option):

<a href="https://trolley.link/p/XYZ123/9999"

Button styling

Button styles

The Trolley Payment button defaults to on-brand Trolley styling, with a fetching blue button. Turn it off by setting data-styled="false" on the payment link.

Popover tooltip

Popover tooltip

The popover tooltip appears when customers hover over the Trolley payment button.

Prevent this with data-pop="false".

Preset email

If you're already collecting the customer's email address, and you want to ensure they use the same one in Trolley (perhaps because you're also using a Redirect and want to reconcile at the end of your purchase flow) then you can provide the Email in advance. The customer will see their email address in the Checkout but will be unable to override it.

Use data-email="test@example.com"

Preset note

If you're creating a more complex flow, perhaps using some client side JavaScript of your own, you may wish to fill in the Customer Note in advance, so that certain data is passed through to you by email in the sales notification.

Use this option to preset the Customer Note, so that the customer will see the content but be unable to edit it.

data-note="some content you want to pass through"


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